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Pilates in St Albans

Private Pilates Classes in St Albans

Pilates tailored to you

One to one, or one to two pilates classes in St Albans might be the perfect option for you if you need to fit in your exercise around other commitments.

The session format and the exercises are tailored to meet your specific needs.  This type of lesson allows for greater progression and can be exceptionally beneficial to anyone requiring individual attention for a particular issue.  I am experienced in teaching: 

  • Pilates in pregnancy;
  • Post-natal Pilates;
  • Pilates for the older adult with specific issues;
  • Pilates for people with back pain and other joint issues;
  • Pilates for athletes - particularly helpful if recovering from an injury; and 
  • Pilates for people who prefer to be taught individually.

Private pilates in St Albans can also be a great way to be introduced to Pilates prior to starting group lessons.

Sessions can be held in your home or workplace or another mutually agreeable location in and around St Albans.  The cost is £60 per hour.