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Welcome to Centre Pilates St Albans

Thank you for visiting my website.   I've been teaching  Pilates  in St Albans since  2006 having trained with the Pilates Foundation in London.  

I teach group classes to clients of all ages and abilities and individuals on a one to one basis, usually at the person's home or workplace.   Classes are professional, friendly and welcoming and kept small so that I can give clients individual attention. 

All  classes are grouped according to ability and clients' goals, so please do contact me to establish the best class for you.

The benefits of pilates are numerous and, if performed correctly,  will benefit strength, posture, balance and coordination and lead to reduced aches and pains.  This strong, balanced body aids everyday life and all forms of sport, allowing appropriate muscles to be recruited and therefore the risk of injury reduced.  Pilates is a non-competitive sensible, effective form of exercise that is appropriate for just about everyone.  It is particularly recommended to help alleviate back pain.  

Holly Lonsdale

Pilates classes, St Albans
Pilates classes, St Albans

About Us

Group Classes


Friendly professional group classes using a variety of equipment on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings in St Albans.

Benefits of Pilates


A gentle yet challenging  mind, body workout that will develop a strong core, flat abdominals and a strong back.   Gain long lean muscles, flexibility and benefit from an evenly conditioned body.

Individual Lessons


Pilates tailored to your individual needs - whether that be to enhance sporting performance or alleviate aches and pains.

Client testimonials

Liz - St Albans

I have been attending Holly’s pilates class for nearly 10 years now. She approaches her pilates classes with knowledge, sensitivity and humour. I love the way her approach moves with the times and she has a genuine and proactive method of dealing with the classes individual needs. The room that we do pilates in is pleasant, airy and very central in St Albans.

Rosie Grimston - St Albans

Holly is undoubtedly the best pilates teacher I have been lucky enough to have been tutored by. She takes immense care if you have had a previous injury and has a great understanding of how to correct imbalances in the body. I am sure I would never have been in such good shape having three babies with an existing back issue had it not been for Holly. I couldn't recommend her more highly; she is also immensely kind and great fun. 

Nicola - London Colney

I have been attending Holly’s Pilates classes for four years now and they have proved absolutely invaluable in restoring my physical strength after an emergency caesarean. Each class is varied, challenging and effective. Holly is incredibly professional, exceptionally knowledgeable and also has a terrific sense of humour! Her teaching approach adapts to each individual, constantly mindful of physical weaknesses or old injuries – a really superb Pilates class.

Meggie - St Albans

Holly is by far the best pilates teacher I have worked with and I cannot recommend her more. I have been regularly attending her classes for over 4 years which has done wonders for my posture and self-awareness. In her classes I somehow manage to relax and laugh, and yet come out toned and stronger.  She is very aware of all her clients' needs, expertly adapting her workouts to suit us. I would not like to be taught by anybody else.

Liz C - St Albans

Holly's classes are brilliant; always careful, thorough and challenging. She limits class numbers so that all of us benefit from bespoke corrections and support. And she is lovely, so the class has a cheery, encouraging and friendly atmosphere. Perfect! 

Sarah - St Albans

Pilates with Holly is a pleasure. I am confident I have a professional and expert teacher who provides a class which is always enjoyable and is tailored to my needs. I have been attending for years and wouldn't want to be taught by anyone else.


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